Categorical Perspectives


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"Categorical Perspectives" consists of introductory surveys as well as articles containing original research and complete proofs devoted mainly to the theoretical and foundational developments of category theory and its applications to other fields. A number of articles in the areas of topology, algebra and computer science reflect the varied interests of George Strecker to whom this work is dedicated. Notable also are an exposition of the contributions and importance of George Strecker's research and a survey chapter on general category theory. This work is an excellent reference text for researchers and graduate students in category theory and related areas. Contributors: H.L. Bentley * G. Castellini * R. El Bashir * H. Herrlich * M. Husek * L. Janos * J. Koslowski * V.A. Lemin * A. Melton * G. Preuá * Y.T. Rhineghost * B.S.W. Schroeder * L. Schr"der * G.E. Strecker * A. Zmrzlina


Herausgegeben vonJürgen Koslowski, Austin Melton
ProduktformEinband - fest (Hardcover)
HerausgeberBirkhäuser Boston
SerieTrends in Mathematics
Edition Nr.2001
Publikationsdatum27. April 2001
ZielgruppenResearch, Fachpublikum / Wissenschaftler
Höhe235 mm
Breite155 mm
InhaltsverszeichnisPreface / J. Koslowski and A. Melton * Categories: A Free Tour / L. Schröder * The Functor that Wouldn't Be / Y.T. Rhineghost * The Emergence of Functors / Y.T. Rhineghost * Too Many Functors / A. Zmrzlina * Contributions and Importance of Professor George Strecker's Research / J. Koslowski * 10 Rules for Surviving as a Mathematician and Teacher / G.E. Strecker * Connections and Polarities / A. Melton * Categorical Closure Operators / G. Castellini * Extensions of Maps from Dense Subspaces / H.L. Bentley * Characterizations of Subspaces of Important Types of Convergence Spaces in the Realm of Convenient Topology / G. Preuß * The Naturals Are Lindelöf iff Ascoli Holds / Y.T. Rhineghost * Revisiting the Celebrated Thesis of J. de Groot: 'Everything is Linear' / L. Janos * Finite Ultrametric Spaces and Computer Science / V.A. Lemin * The Copnumber of a Graph Is Bounded by [3/2 genus(G)] + 3 / B.S.W. Schroeder * Abelian Groups: Simultaneously Reflective and Coreflective Subcategories Versus Modules / R. El Bashir, H. Herrlich, and M. Husek

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